Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rum Jug

Puerto Rico is known for its rum. It is also know for its hand made baskets. In Puerto Rico these rum jugs with baskets woven around them were common. We came home with a couple of these. It amuses me that Mom actually "allowed" them in the house - they did not come empty!

There is more to this story but right now I can't seem to bring it to mind. I'll add it when I think of it . . . or if any of you remember then please add it.


  1. Didn't our next door neighbor drink the Rum for her? If I recall there was a jug in the fridge when we arrived. A welcoming present. Mom was offended yet it stayed. And the rum slowly disappeared...? Of course I was too young to have had anything to do with it. :) And I may not be remember that part correct.

    But the neighbor I can almost remember his name. He was the one that told mom he was going to buy the cats catfood and eat the chicken she left them himself. Mom liked him kinda sorta but he sure gave her a hard time.

  2. I do sort of remember the neighbor. I think he did drink the rum. It was there when we arrived - yes, a kind of a "welcome" present but I don't know who put it there. I don't remember Mom being "offended" exactly just not sure how to handle it. Funny that she kept the jugs. And they (there was more than one) weren't in the fridge.