Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Astrolabe

I gave this to Dad as either a birthday or Christmas gift several years ago. I don't remember the exact date but sometime between 1990 and 1999 (they were still on the farm but I had moved to California). It is a replica of the ancient astronomical "computer".

Rum Jug

Puerto Rico is known for its rum. It is also know for its hand made baskets. In Puerto Rico these rum jugs with baskets woven around them were common. We came home with a couple of these. It amuses me that Mom actually "allowed" them in the house - they did not come empty!

There is more to this story but right now I can't seem to bring it to mind. I'll add it when I think of it . . . or if any of you remember then please add it.

Shell Wreaths

When we were in Puerto Rico we all collected shells. I didn't realize how many Mom had saved until, several years ago, I received as a gift one of these wreaths that she had made from them.

I received one (this isn't it) and I know there were others.

When Jerusha, Belle, Moya and I were in Piedmont in July 2009, Belle saw this one among Moms things and liked it. So she brought it home. I have mine somewhere and will record its picture when I find it.

The shell in the center is just one of the loose shells from the PR collection.

Porcelin Girl

Daddy brought this little statue to me many years ago. I was a little girl but I don't recall how old. I also don't exactly remember where she came from. I want to say Hawaii but I'm not sure that's right. Anyone remember?

Also, I think there were some other porcelin figures that Daddy brought to Dana and I. I don't exactly remember what. Do you know where they are Dana? Also, Dana, if you come across a Disney Cinderella about 4 or 5 inches high, she is also mine (came with a Disney watch I was given but the watch disappeared long ago).

Crochet Collar

This collar was in a box of things of Moms that you sent me Dana. What's the story behind this? I don't recall ever seeing it before.

A Little Box

I remember this box sitting on Moms dresser for as long as I an remember. What I don't exactly remember is where it came from. I think Daddy brought it too her from overseas (France?) and it seems like it may have contained perfume?

Linda, Jim, do either of you recall?

It is now in my possession, if that's ok with everyone. If not, let me know! :)

The Mystery Plate

Dana found this plate with Moms things. I've forgotten, Dana, you have about four of them, correct?

I don't recognize it and yet it seems like I should. Anyone have any ideas?

Monday, August 31, 2009


Grandma gave me her silver. According to Grandpa he got it in England for Grandma.
It was really tarnished but I polished it up and it looks really nice!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chess Set

This set was painted by Grandma and was the set that Grandpa used to teach me how to play chess. I stayed one summer with them back in 1991. He decided he was going to teach me how to play. He did and I proceeded to win about 3/4th of the time. I'll never forget his smile, a mix of pride and annoyance... mostly pride.

He gave it to me to play with Belle (and someday Moya too) when we visited in August of 2009.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Item

Let's start with this one: It is a very old microscope in a velvet lined box. I can recall this one being at Mom and Dads forever. But I don't recall ever knowing where it came from. Do any of you?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why this blog?

Last weekend Jerusha, the girls and I went to visit Mom and Dad. Dana has been going through things and trying to determine what should be done with it all. Our time there was very short so I was really unable to help but I did bring home some things. In looking at all these things there were lots of questions. Like "where did this come from?" "Is there more than just sentimental value?" "Which child, grandchild would like it?" "Why did they save this thing?" I have several items that are important to me, things that to someone else may seem like junk. If they knew where they came from or why I saved it they may (or may not) feel differently. Someday Jerusha, Belle, Moya may be sitting together going through all my stuff and wondering what the heck things are and why did I save them. So with this in mind I've decided to start this blog. The idea is to hopefully get answers to questions about items and also to give all the opportunity to have input on what is done with everything.